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Kansas City Dentist Welcomes Your Review via Google+

A smiling woman gives her Kansas City dentist a positive reviewGood word of mouth is a powerful thing—that’s why internet review sites of any nature are so incredibly popular. Kansas City dentist Dr. Dervin has embraced technology within the field of dentistry and out. He welcomes your feedback as patients or prospective patients now. Why are your comments so valuable to him and what on-line methods are available for sharing?

Our new Google+ is about great conversations. When you find an interesting post, show your appreciation by adding a comment or +1. Or share something new, perhaps feedback about your first impressions when visiting our office. A clean office and a pleasant receptionist/hygienist/billing clerk are keys to a well-run operation and this is something we pride ourselves on. Your commendations or helpful suggestions assist us in maintaining this high standard.

A single-review from a first-time patient is valuable in helping us and others know what our new patients are thinking. Reviews from our longer-term patients referring to specific procedures or issues are absolutely invaluable and carry a lot of weight with not only us but also others reviewing the site.

One dental supply manufacturer estimates that up to 60% of all people have some fear of the dentist. That’s one of the reasons why internet “dentist review” sites make so much sense. People are looking for ways to feel better about selecting a dentist – with help from existing patients – in an objective and unbiased way.

Join Google+ and add a comment for our Kansas City dentist Dr. Dervin following your next appointment—we’ll all thank-you!