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Your Dentist for Kansas City Up & Running with Google+

Friends sharing social media updates from their dentist for Kansas CityAre you fighting to stay “hip” and “cool” with technology? Your dentist for Kansas City wants to spare you valuable slogging time by simply explaining the high points of Google+ and how you too can benefit.

No doubt you’ve become quite proficient at using Google for information searches. You may also have joined several social networking sites that allow you to reach out to family, friends and perhaps the public.

Basically Google+ is an amalgamation of services we’ve already become fond of…with the intention of doing them even better.

Google+ will allow him:

  • to introduce himself and show the world who he is and what he’s interested in by providing a profile photo, some facts, and occasionally bragging rights.
  • reciprocal sharing between friends, and family and patients by connecting over common interests.
  • to follow interesting people or experts in the field while they share latest thoughts, videos, and photos on topics of mutual interest, such as dentistry. What are the experts saying right now? Google+ shows it!
  • to utilize a feature known as Circles, making it possible to share with specific persons more individualized information or photos.
  • to send out a thought, photo, video or link by just clicking on +1, bringing fascinating breakthroughs in the world of dentistry to your doorstep.

Want to create your own Google+ account to reap these same benefits? Just click on your usual Google icon and spot the menu bar topping the page. Select +You from the far left and you’re on your way!

Your dentist for Kansas City is ready to keep in touch, are you?