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Tooth Bonding–Cosmetic Dentistry for Kansas City Area

Cosmetic Dentistry Kansas City Perhaps the idea of porcelain veneers appeals to you, but the cost does not. Consider the benefits of bonding, a cosmetic dentistry option for Kansas City area residents. Dr. Dervin provides numerous dental services including both porcelain veneers and bonding, and explains why some patients choose the latter.

Teeth that are discolored, chipped, crooked or that have spaces/gaps between them can often cause self-consciousness and even embarrassment when a person smiles. Although there are several options that can address these issues, bonding is easier and less expensive than porcelain veneers and most other cosmetic dental procedures.

Bonding uses a composite resin that can be shaped and polished to match the surrounding teeth, and it is then bonded to the actual tooth or teeth needing attention. The procedure can improve the appearance of teeth that are discolored or chipped; it can make teeth look longer, change the shape or color of teeth and close visible gaps between teeth when smiling. The result is a smile that you will be proud to call your own.

Further benefits of bonding is that there is virtually no preparation needed, no needles or anesthesia are required, and the procedure may be finished in as little as one visit to Dr. Dervin.

Although not as stain resistant or durable as porcelain veneers, recent modern advances have increased the strength, durability and longevity of bonding restorations. If you are in need of an up-grade to your smile that is fast and inexpensive yet extremely effective, bonding is a viable option. Dr. Dervin provides this procedure along with several other cosmetic dentistry options for Kansas City and area residents. Contact Dr. Dervin today to see what option suits you and your teeth the best.