Dr. Dervin DDS Brings Olathe TMJ Headache Relief!

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Dr. Dervin, DDS Brings Olathe ResidentsTMJ Headache Relief!

Whether it’s that constant dull ache or a debilitating migraine, Dr. Dervin DDS knows Olathe residents are ready for headache relief–even if it means visiting the dentist’s chair! Really, a dentist can alleviate headaches?

In many cases, headache pain is caused by a jaw joint (temporomandibular) disorder, commonly referred to as TMJ. You may be in the habit of popping pills to get through the day, but this fails to address the source of your pain. Can your jaw really be responsible for migraines, tension headaches, tooth grinding, breathing problems, sleep disorders, facial pain, neck, shoulder and back pain, clicking or popping in the jaw and limited jaw movement? This run-on question can be answered with one word: Yes.

The basic problem is that the muscles of your face, head, and neck, are programmed to close your jaws until teeth touch against opposing teeth. If teeth are missing, are situated in the wrong place or if they’ve had a lot of dental work over the years, they may force your jaw muscles into a position that isn’t healthy. Holding a poor position might be fine for a few seconds, but maintaining it for hours will result in strain and consequently pain!

Dr. Dervin DDS has gone above and beyond the training that’s required to serve in the field of dentistry. His additional education regarding our neuromuscular makeup allows him to understand, evaluate and balance the muscles that cause TMD (or TMJ) suffering. Consult today with Dr. Dervin, DDS. Olathe residents, with his help, say good-bye to TMJ pain!