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Capture that White Smile with THIS Dentist in Shawnee KS!

DENTIST IN SHAWNEE KS - Three women wearing white and smilingDrugstore whitening kits may seem the fastest, most economical route to attaining a brilliant smile — but are they safe and effective? Your dentist in Shawnee KS can help bring “enlightenment” to those seeking a more youthful, engaging smile.

First of all, it is important to be aware that all effective whitening products contain active bleaching agents. Recall the discomfort that results from exposing an untreated wound (such as on your hand) to a bleaching product. Now imagine if that “wound” isn’t on your hand, but somewhere in your sensitive mouth and it is suddenly exposed to a bleaching chemical – painful! Untreated cavities, receding gums, fractured teeth — these unhealthy oral conditions may not only radiate distress when touched by whitening products, but result in further deterioration.

Dr. Dervin is able to perform a thorough dental check-up before applying any teeth whitening products, ensuring your whitening experience is a safe and comfortable one. No drugstore kit is capable of offering such essential insight.

Whitening discolored teeth gives others the impression you place value on your appearance and self-worth, thereby encouraging reciprocation. So treat your body with the respect it deserves and pursue teeth whitening the safe way by consulting Dr. Dervin, your dentist in Shawnee KS!