Dental Solutions Kansas City TMJ Sufferers!

Dental Kansas City  - A woman taking a napFor the millions suffering with jaw-joint disorders, heightened stress during the holiday season can trigger unconscious clenching and grinding. There’s a dental clinic for Kansas City sufferers, that can offer you relief!

As a neuromuscular (TMJ) specialist, Dr. Dervin is sought out for relief from headaches, muscle pain, tension, as well as tooth wear. His elite training and experience in this unique field of dentistry gives him insight into the science behind balancing the muscles that cause your TMJ pain.

Dr. Dervin is committed to getting to the bottom of your jaw-related pain! For this reason, he has invested in state-of-the-art technology to assist in providing a comprehensive evaluation of your jaw muscles. Determining the optimal position of the jaw can be the key to alleviating much of your muscle strain.

Once the source of your discomfort is pinpointed, a solution can be sought. For some patients, a jaw-repositioning orthotic designed specific to their needs dissipates pain they’ve felt for years–all within days!

Hope is on the near horizon! Dr. Dervin can help bring soothing relief from jaw tension that may manifest itself as headaches or migraines; facial, neck, shoulder or back pain; “popping” or clicking in the jaw; or limited jaw movement. This dental expert helps Kansas City area residents like you feel better every day! Call now and protect your teeth and health!