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Don’t Let Past Dental Work Compromise the Beauty of Your Smile

Nothing tells the story of past cavities like a mouth full of metal fillings. To many, opening their mouth wide or even a simple smile can be an embarrassment due to fillings they may have had for years and years. Nobody wants to announce how much past dental work they’ve had. The great thing is that these unsightly fillings are able to be replaced with porcelain inlays or onlays. Kansas City area dentist, Dr. Richard M. Dervin, and our team are skilled at transforming an embarrassing grin into something worth smiling about.

Replacing your old fillings with an inlay or onlay has many advantages. One obvious reason is aesthetics, but that’s only the beginning. An inlay or onlay can actually preserve and strengthen teeth– sometimes up to 75%. Metal fillings can pose damage to your teeth because they respond to temperatures in food, causing them to change in size and in turn weaken teeth, possibly even cracking them. An inlay or onlay also has a much longer lifespan than the traditional metal fillings, lasting up to 30 years. The advantages of this type of restorative dental work are obvious.

Dr. Dervin and the rest of our team are eager to help revamp your smile and diminish the inconveniences of your past dental work. If you’re interested in hearing more about your dental restoration options, contact the dental office of Dr. Richard M. Dervin in Shawnee, KS and the Kansas City area.