Cosmetic Dentistry |1 min read

Modern Veneers Give You A Natural, Even Smile!

So you’re sick of hiding your smile, and have decided to—metaphorically—bite the bullet and get veneers (don’t really bite bullets; they’re bad for your teeth). You’ve resisted the idea for so long because you not sure about the process, the cost or if the result will be worth the time and money.

Getting veneers is a very simple process. A little of the natural enamel is removed from the surface of your teeth (anywhere from 0.4 to 0.8 of a millimeter). Next, a porcelain veneer is custom crafted to match the size and shape and color of your tooth. These natural looking restorations can fill the space left by gaps, correct color and even out a crooked smile. But the best part is, no one will know that you had any dental work done but you!

The modern materials used for Porcelain veneers are extremely tough and durable, allowing you to get on with your life, eat your favorite foods and follow your regular at-home hygiene routine while enjoying a beautiful, dazzling, natural looking smile.