Cosmetic Dentistry |1 min read

Effective Teeth Whitening is Possible!

Tooth whitening is more popular than ever.  Go into your grocery store, and the dental aisle is packed with whitening toothpastes, strips and other solutions that all promise to make your teeth as white as possible.  But do they really work?

To a point, yes.  But most over-the-counter solutions often only whiten a couple teeth, leaving you with uneven coloration.  In addition to questionable results, they often take weeks or months to take effect.  So is there a better, quicker solution?

The answer is yes.  I use the Zoom! Teeth whitening treatment.  It is safe, effective, and takes less than an hour to perform.   It is applied by a professional, and whitens your whole smile- not just part of it.

So if you want a healthy & beautiful smile, please request an appointment with Shawnee Dentist Richard Dervin today!