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Health and Beauty… Cosmetic Dentistry by Shawnee Dentist Dr. Dervin

With cosmetic dentist Dr. Richard Dervin, results go far beyond routine crowns and fillings. Dr. Dervin and his dental team offer you great preventative care to preserve your oral health and natural smile. His specialty training enhances smiles for whatever flaws you feel may be holding you back – aesthetically or functionally.

In-office Teeth Whitening can easily and quickly zap away years of wear, and help you feel confident about your smile. It’s also a great option for an upcoming special event, such as a new business opportunity, reunion, or wedding. We can also provide custom-fitted take-home whitening kits, that allow you to safely and effectively whiten your teeth at your convenience.

Hygiene at our practice combines health with beauty – and knowledge with power. With respect and dignity, our patients become educated and empowered to preserve their natural tooth structure and cosmetic work for a lifetime. Our dental team are experts at diagnosing problems before they cause damage, as well as screening for other important health factors. Together with all the ways our practice makes your dental visit a comfortable experience, hygiene with our team and LVI dentist Dr. Dervin will become an easy part of your routine of good health!

With his cosmetic dentist training background, Smile Enhancement by Dr. Dervin is a true art. His LVI experience and coursework allows him to carefully examine your facial characteristics and design a smile makeover to fit your unique self. The advancements of digital photography and digital X-Rays mean that your Porcelain Veneers, Instant Orthodontics, and hand-applied Composite Bonding will be absolutely beautiful and natural-looking.

Bridges, Implants and Full Mouth Rehabilitation have advanced into real cosmetic dentistry solutions. With our qualified dentist Dr. Dervin and team, they are more natural-looking than ever. They also offer relief from pain, discomfort, and loss of regular day-to-day activities.

By replacing teeth that are missing, closing gaps, and TMJ Treatment, many patients experience a return of a healthy bite alignment. These advanced solutions also preserve the bone structure of their face and mouth for years to come, and help our patients enjoy all their favorite foods again. The confidence of knowing that their smiles feel as healthy as look also gives our patients new reasons to smile!

Often, dental treatment is put off by people who are understandably concerned about discomfort, cost, time, and anxiety. With Sedation Dentistry, Laser Dentistry, topical gels, and an assortment of amenities, your visit to dentist Dr. Dervin can be a whole new experience. Learn more about our comfortable practice and techniques here.

“It’s not good enough for my patients unless it’s good enough for my own family.”Shawnee Dentist Dr. Richard Dervin, DDS

We’re happy to answer any questions about these and other dental services. Please let us know how we can assist you with your own ‘Smile for Health, Smile for Beauty.’