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Beautiful Kansas City Cosmetic Dentistry: Smile Design

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Is there anything about your smile that you aren’t proud of? If your teeth have uneven color or uneven gum lines or are chipped or cracked, even if you have gaps, cosmetic dentistry specialist Dr. Richard Dervin, our dentist in Shawnee, KS, can help you. His Kansas City area dental office has the capability to correct any dental concern, and he would like to sit down with you and explain the Smile Enhancement process. You could enjoy beautiful smile enhancements for the rest of your life.

Your face was designed to match a certain kind of smile. By evaluating the characteristics of your mouth and face, we help you discover the smile that best matches those features. Dr. Dervin closely examines:

  • The shape & size of your teeth — how this works together is critical for aesthetics
  • The color & shade of your teeth — should match your skin tone, eye and hair color
  • The angles of your teeth — are they aligned in the same direction, or tilted and tipped
  • Your gum tissue — the gum-to-tooth ratio
  • Your facial structure — round, trapezoidal , square, elongated; including facial midline
  • Your “Golden Proportion” — the height-to-width ratio that maintains tooth and smile symmetry

Once we choose an ideal smile, the entire Kansas City area dental process may just require two visits, after which, you emerge beautiful, revitalized and younger-looking than you ever thought possible.

Feel the confidence of being completely comfortable in your own skin. Dr. Richard Dervin and his expert team can make this happen through cosmetic dentistry near Kansas City. Call us to schedule a complimentary smile consultation.

Discover Your Star Quality Smile

Whether you are a teenager, an empty-nester or a grandparent, we can transform your smile.

During your initial consultation, the first step is to gather information. Dr. Richard Dervin does this by investing time in you: by taking whatever time is necessary to listen to exactly what you hope to achieve in the enhancement process. We take high-resolution digital photos and magnify them on our large flat-screen monitor to give you a chance to see how others view your smile.

The next step is to create a realistic model of your current teeth. We take impressions and create the design on a wax model. When this is done, the real fun begins: you get to choose your new smile! It usually ends up being a composite of our smile catalog, pictures of you at a younger age and your favorite celebrity smile.

Then we create a second model of your new smile, taking into account many factors, including your age and gender. Once you approve it, we get to work and within weeks you get to enjoy your precisely envisioned, pristine new smile! The smile of your dreams is closer than you think. Dr. Richard Dervin would love to help you realize it, through remarkable Kansas City area cosmetic dentistry - smile design. We invite you to contact us today and take the first step toward the smile that was meant for you.  

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